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Apex legends mobile

It is a battle royale game.It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA sports.

Apex legends was released on feb 4th 2019 within the first week apex crossed the milestone of pubg and many other popular games in 2018,2017.

In the first week of February ,25 million of users were downloaded/bought apex legends PC in Xbox,Microsoft windows and PS 4 . Many of the Apex Legends mobile lovers are awaiting for the android version of this game.

With high graphics and design levels are one of the best part of this game.One of the best attractive part of the game is about Weapons.New and active Models of Weapons are put the apex legends on top of the table in February month.

Weapons in apex legends PC

Assault Rifles
Sub machine guns
Light Machine guns
Sniper Rifles
Shot guns

Apex legends has crossed the revenue of million dollars in just 7 days.It was published in all over the world with Pc edition.Apex legends mobile edition will going to hit in 6 months of this year.As part of now,Many of the users are mobile pubg and dota2. Ea sports is expecting 100 million users in this month.For pubg mobile,

Most of the users are Indians.Apex legends has not have any popularity in India so far,80 % of Indian players are mobile friendly.Let’s wait and watch for apex legends mobile version in india.

Will see,Is apex legends mobile overtake the pubg or not??
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