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Awm Best Attachments Pubg Game,stats in Pubg Mobile Game


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Awm Best Attachments Pubg Game

Most of pubg game players are interested to find this weapon called as AWM.

It is known as “Accuracy international arctic warfare rifle”.

In some case,AWM weapon made pubg game to popular mobile game in the world. It is sniper rifle,designed by British force.

It is only Availble in airdrops in pubg mobile game.It has ridiculous stopping power over a very far range,and with slow reload times to balance this beast of a sniper rifle.
The AWM will deal maximum damage out to 150meters ,with maximum damage falloff at 679 meters.

A sniper rifle will come in handy in numerous ways as you spot enemies from a distance while the circle of death closes in.

Awm Best Attachments Pubg Game

The AWM is a dominant sniper rifle in pubg game.

It can one-shot a level three helmet making it formidable in the late game.

One of its main downsides,though,is that it uses .300 magnum ammo.Equip this beast with an 8X scopes and go units.

Here,You can find the best attachment setup for AWM in pubg mobile game.The AWM and its ammo can only be found in care packages.
AWM with 15X scope or 8X scope,Extended mag,Cheek pad and Suppressor can make you chicken dinner easily. It is the best attachment for AWM in pubg mobile game.

15X SCope

Extended Mag

Cheeck Pad


Awm Best Attachments Pubg Game

Over view:

Hit Damage120
Initial Bullet Speed945 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power40,000
Zero Range100
Time Between Shots1.85s
Firing ModesSingle
Duration (Full)4.600s
Duration (Tactical)2.300s
Duration (Single Bullet Initial)
Duration (Single Bullet Repeat)

Headshot Damage (10 meters)
Level 0300
Level 1210
Level 2180
Level 3135


Awm Best Attachments Pubg Game

.300 Magnum

The .300 Winchester magnum can only be found in airdrops with AWM in pubg mobile game.Its an ammunition type in pubg mobile game.Without this ammo you can’t load awm gun in pubg. No other ammo’s are not suitable for AWM better you find .300 magnum in airdrops.