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Attachment & Trigger Setup for Pubg Mobile Game


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Attachment Setup For Pubg Mobile Game

The Groza is a bullpup assault rifle in pubg mobile game.Only available in airdrops.
In pubg,Groza is one of the best weapon.This assault rifle would kill the targets with two shots.
With best attachment setup or trigger setup,We could make chicken winner easily with groza gun in pubg mobile game.Backing this up is the fact that only muzzle attachment it can take is a suppressor.

Attachment Setup For Pubg Mobile Game – Groza

Groza with 6X scope,Extended Mag and Suppressor is going to best trigger setup or best attachment setup load in pubg mobile game.The Groza will deal Maximum damage out to 80 meters,decreasing to its minimum at 490 meters in pubg.This trigger setup can only possible in airdrops.

Pubg Mobile Trigger Setup



Pubg Mobile Trigger Setup
Chicken dinner may be possible ,If you have this kind of tripper setup in pubg mobile game.So,guys find the airdrop and become winner in pubg.

Over view:

Pubg Mobile Trigger Setup

Hit Damage49
Initial Bullet Speed715 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power10,000
Zero Range100 – 300
Time Between Shots0.080s
Firing ModesSingle, Auto
Burst Shots
Burst Delay
Duration (Full)3.000s
Duration (Tactical)2.250s

Headshot Damage (10 meters)
Level 0115.10
Level 180.60
Level 269
Level 351.80

Pubg Mobile Trigger Setup


7.62mm is the most used ammo in pubg for weapons.Most of the trigger setup or attachment setup is being with 7.62mm ammo type in pubg mobile game.