Top 10 Guns in Free Fire | What is the best gun in Garena Free Fire 2020


Garena Free Fire is one of the popular battleground mobile game around the world.People are spending much time to play it ,But most of the people don’t know which gun is best in ranking ,damage and easy to control in free fire game.I’m here to explain you the top 10 most powerful guns in Garena Free Fire.If you any of the top 10 guns then you can easily claim ‘BOOYAH’ in Free Fire.

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What are the top 10 guns in free fire?


AK 47 is the most powerful fast firing gun in Free Fire game.You can kill the enemy with 3-7 bullets but you must learn the recoil of akm.


Most of the people take SCAR to kill the enemies with this gun ,You can Kill an Enemy with a distance covered from 10m to 500m.It is best for long range and also in short in free fire game.


One of the best airdrop gun is groza and also the best recoil controller gun in free fire,It takes more damage than SCAR in free fire game.


It is a beast gun in burst mode and also recoil is better than other guns in free fire .


With Four bullets you can wipe out the full squad and it is also called as king of shot guns in Garena Free Fire.


After M1014,SPAS-12 is the beast shot gun in free fire mobile game.

4.Double Barrel SG


P90 takes the 3rd spot in free fire cause of its high rate of fire in free fire game.


It is the top most gun in smg and also its damage,recoil control and reloading speed made this gun in 2nd spot in free fire game.


Not only free fire, In pubg mobile also it takes the first spot in most powerful guns category.AWM can also be called as god of snipers in both the mobile games all over the world.