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Pubg is the top game in the world and it is also very difficult to become a pro pubg player.But, Some Pubg Players have created youtube channels in India and became viral all over the world.

You can earn lot of money with pubg by streaming youtube and playing pubg Tournaments.Now ,I will let you know the top 10 pubg players in India 2020 and Revenue.


who are the top 10 pubg players in India 2020 and youtube income?


MDiscrazy has 700k Subscribers on youtube and his pubg earnings around $5k Per Month.


He Plays better than MdisCrazy in Pubg and he has 690K Followers and Revenue is $2.5K per month.

8.Kronten Gaming

Kronten has 1.8M youtube Subscribers in Pubg and his Earnings around $12K per month.He is also a best pubg player.

7.Poor Gamer Clan

He has 500K subscribers and revenue is $2K per month.


Experiment Gamer has Very Less Followers and Income but he is one of the best pubg player in India.


Owais has 400K subscribers and income is $3K per month.


SCOUT has 1.18M Followers and his youtube earnings around $4k per month.

3. Dynamo

Dynamo has 7M+ Subscribers and his earnings around $50K per month.


Hydra FLick has 200K Subscribers and revenue is $1K per month.He is the one of the team member of dynamo he wiped out many squads individually and his gameplay is simply awesome .


In Pubg Language,Mortal is a pro player and he has 4M+ followers and earnings $10K per month.